- Powerful. Reliable. Durable.  The LED Survival Kit is the best solution for emergencies and everyday use. When our power went out for a week after Hurricane Irma, It was my constant guide. I have used it on my boat, in dark sheds and to illuminate work projects but it is a hero during power outages. Rechargeable, 4 intensity-settings and able to light up an entire room.  It’s my Jedi Lightsaber to conquer the Dark Side. 
Bill D.

- I’d like to take a quick moment just to say “THANK YOU”. I purchased a couple of your rechargeable LED TUBE lights. Knowing the Hurricane was coming I had them fully charged. I positioned the larger one over the dining room table and used the smaller ones to walk around the house with when we lost power. To say I was impressed is an understatement. We didn’t even use the light on “HIGH” as we didn’t need it. They provided so much light that our neighbors asked us if we had a generator going! Here’s the part that I’m really impressed with… I never even had to recharge the lights!
Thanks for providing a product that actually does what its’ advertised to do.
Rob H.

- After losing  power during hurricane Irma  your LED lights were used with great success.

- Like my led rechargeable very much. Very light, durable and really holds a charge! Great that I can charge from my car also.
  John C.
80 Hours of operation on a single charge
Up to 30 feet waterproof IP68
High power 450 Lumens
USB power bank with 10800 mAh high capacity Lithium battery
Micro USB interface
Shock proof
Battery power and charging indicator light
Hanging rope holes
4 levels of brightness (Low, medium, high, flash mode)
Magnetic Holders to stick on all metal surface (Optional)
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Enjoy up to 80 Hours of light with this LED Survival Kit / Flashlight Combo. This LED Emergency Survival Kit can provide you light when it matters most. When faced with darkness due to the forces of Mother Nature, or even worse, you can rely rest assured that the LED Survival Kit will provide you with up to 80 hours of light and actually extend from the bottom to fit your hands like a flashlight. We suggest placing these LED Survival Kit in strategic areas of your home to provide you a way out in the unexpected darkness.

LED Survival Kit